gary clement: everybody and his brother, april 7-30th

kim atlin - untitled

anna church - blurred lines no.1

gary clement - people: assorted sizes

jeff depner - reconfigured grid no.27

christine flynn - mountain gorge

fiona freemark - renfrew county no.1

judith geher - skunk bird no.1

jeffrey harrison - good luck

j. jasperson - with her poolish thoughts

drew klassen - sin los turistas

menno krant - from the cigarette pack series

russell leng - party pocket

erin mcsavaney - mirada

jeremy miranda - decking

laura ortiz vega - seny III

yangyang pan - swim to the moon

leah rainey - fulcrum

casey roberts - ski champion

jennifer sanchez - ny.09.#10

ric santon - somewhere in the middle of nowhere

Ric Santon (photo) - telephase 1 (inside it's exactly the same as outside)

anna valdez - plant on black wool embroidered bedcover

douglas walker, r-464

samantha walrod - candy skull deer